African Culture during an African Safari

Visitors are able to experience at first hand the traditions, food, art and architecture of South African tribes including the Sotho, Ntwana, and Nguni speaking cultures.

A fortunate sidelight on the project, is that with the huge variety of tribes people living around Sun City, the village will employ locals almost exclusively, to staff the various tribal sectors.

Visitors are able to experience the cultures, dress, tradition and spiritual beliefs of Southern Africans. The experience include storytelling, praise singing, dancing, arts and craft, guided village tours, and traditional food tastings. A village 'shebeen' is now open.

Classes will be given in cooking, weaving, beading, pottery, sewing, woodcarving and painting. There will be entertainment for children and a collection of the "Little Five, " Buffalo Weaver, Rhino Beetle, Ant Lion, Leopard Tortoise and Elephant Shrew!